Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tamming of theShrew

I hate hair cuts! Hate them so much that I avoid them like the plage. My last one was probably over a year ago. Why do I hate them so you might ask? Well I hate them because of my curl. I usualy look like a mushroom when I'm done. And it then takes months and months for me to look human again. Well I finaly dicided that since it looks like this...


That it was time to bite the bullet and get it done. I am in Idaho right now visting my mom and she keept my kids while Katrina and I went to get it done. I told my stylest that I was very nurvise about it and that I was yet to have a hair cut that I truly liked let alone loved. She asked me a few questions and then told me that her boyfriend had long curly hair and that she was very familure with the curse of the curl. I told her what I wanted and she seamed confedent about what she was doing. Well needless to say today I am likeing my hair cut! It is not to short and I don't look like a mushroom.
The new cut!


Goodwin Family said...

looks good Amber! Glad you finally got a cut you love! :)

Jessica said...

Cute! I get nervous too but only because I have very very fine hair. Finding the right stylist is the trick!

Suze said...

I wish I could be there for you and live closer. I'd know EXACTLY what to do with that mane!

It turned out great though.

Jen said...

Ha ha ha~ i love that cartoon!
Glad you got a good cut!