Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll get the baby!

I walked into the living room today to find Porter trying to pick up the baby. Only he isn't picking up the baby the way a mom would want the baby to be picked up. O' no I see him holding Kynaston by his waist with his head and feet still on the ground.
Me: "Porter put the baby down?"
Porter: "I'm picking up the baby."
Me: "Put the baby down."
Porter starts to cry.
Me: " Why are you crying?"
Porter cries harder.
Me: "Come here."
Porter cries even harder.
I pick him up and ask him.
Me: "Porter why were picking up the baby?"
Porter: " I wanted to hold him, so I was picking him up."
Me: "Do you know you could hurt him if you dropped him and he landed wrong?"
Porter:" No I just want to hold him."
Me: "Porter you are to little to pick him up. You need to let mommy and daddy do that."
Porter: "Alison picks him up."
Me: "Alison pick show me how you pick the baby up."
Kynaston is on his tummy and Alison comes and stands over him. She wraps her arms around his waist and lifts. Kynaston is hoisted in the air folded in half. Then just as she get stood up strait she flings him back. At witch point he goes from being folded in half to strait up and down with Alison holding him up by his arm pits. Now Kynaston is just dangling there in her arms, it reminds me of when a small child holds a cat and the cats front legs and head are all that is being supported. Well Kynaston and Alison are both smiling at me proud of their accomplishments.
Me: "New rule only mommy and daddy pick up the baby. We don't want to drop him and hurt him."
Alison & Porter: " Okay mom."
I just roll my eyes, hug my kids, pray they don't drop Kynaston on his head, and hold the laughter tell after they can't see me laugh.


Amy n Ryan said...

We have had that same expierence at our house. Still Coleton (2) tries to pick up Gage (1). Its a good thing babies aren't to fragile :)

Suze said...

OMIGOSH!....I have no other words. I'm still in shock. lol