Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alison in Oregon

Wow it is taking me a long time to finish this Oregon trip. :) O'well it will happen. Alison loves grandma's as much as Porter and Kynaston did. Alison playing in the tree house with grandma.
Aunt Mary taking a turn as the doctor.
I promise she didn't ware this outfit the whole trip. She just loves it because Grandma J mad it for her.
When ever Aunt Mary was around Alison wanted to play.

This was on the 4th. Alison was getting ready to throw a cup of water on Grandma. Grandma was telling her if she did she would get thrown in the pool.

On the tire swing with Porter. One of her favorite spots to play.

I was taking Kynaston's picture and Alison wanted hers taken in the same spot.

Up a tree with Uncle Nathan.

Picking Berries with Grandma Florance.

She loved the raspberries.

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