Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Months and first instalment of Oregon

Awe my baby is 7 months old. He has the cutest personality. He learned to sit up while we were in Oregon thanks to Grandpa spending lots of time practicing with him. On our way to Oregon he cut his 2 bottom teeth. He loves the car and did amazing on our trip. We only had one melt down in our two day drive I was so proud of him. Right now his favorite things to do are to sit and empty his toy basket he can do for hours as long as every few minutes we refill the basket. His sister who calls him the little one or the little squallier, his paci he is never without it, he loves to giggle but his favorite thing is his sequel, he will also give you a kiss if you say Kyanston kiss. He is also starting to us sounds when he is crying right now its babadada.

I love this picture!
Kynaston with his Grandma Alice. He loved all the "toys" aka kitchen untiles grandma let him play with.

Kynaston and his Grandpa Jim, he LOVED grandpa. He would get excited every time he caught grandpa's attention.

Eating Watermelon on the 4th of July. He got so mad at me when we had to take the rine away.

Kynaston with Grandma Great Florance. He loved to give her lots of kisses.

With mommy, still his favorite person.:)

Look at how big he is sitting up all alone. He things its a great trick.

Playing in the sand. He loved the feel and taste of the sand on the beach.

He loves to read/eat books.

Kynaston with Grandpa Great Garth.

MMMM Popsicles.

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