Friday, July 24, 2009

Newport Aquarium

We got to go to Newport Oregon on our trip. We actually went twice because the first day we went it was to windy to spend time on the Beach and James really wanted the kids to get to play in the ocean. We ended up going to the Aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa. The kids loved it. Alison called it the fish zoo and couldn't get enough of it. Family photo.
Such cute little kids! I think Grandpa was making face's at Kynaston.

Sitting with Grandma and Grandpa. Porter wasn't interested.

Feeling the sea life in the tide pool, with Aunt Mary.

I think this was a sting ray. The kids got to touch it.

Lion Fish!

Watching a bird swim under water.

Watching the seals and sea lions swim under water.

Alison and Porter loved this fish and had to have a picture taken by it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll get the baby!

I walked into the living room today to find Porter trying to pick up the baby. Only he isn't picking up the baby the way a mom would want the baby to be picked up. O' no I see him holding Kynaston by his waist with his head and feet still on the ground.
Me: "Porter put the baby down?"
Porter: "I'm picking up the baby."
Me: "Put the baby down."
Porter starts to cry.
Me: " Why are you crying?"
Porter cries harder.
Me: "Come here."
Porter cries even harder.
I pick him up and ask him.
Me: "Porter why were picking up the baby?"
Porter: " I wanted to hold him, so I was picking him up."
Me: "Do you know you could hurt him if you dropped him and he landed wrong?"
Porter:" No I just want to hold him."
Me: "Porter you are to little to pick him up. You need to let mommy and daddy do that."
Porter: "Alison picks him up."
Me: "Alison pick show me how you pick the baby up."
Kynaston is on his tummy and Alison comes and stands over him. She wraps her arms around his waist and lifts. Kynaston is hoisted in the air folded in half. Then just as she get stood up strait she flings him back. At witch point he goes from being folded in half to strait up and down with Alison holding him up by his arm pits. Now Kynaston is just dangling there in her arms, it reminds me of when a small child holds a cat and the cats front legs and head are all that is being supported. Well Kynaston and Alison are both smiling at me proud of their accomplishments.
Me: "New rule only mommy and daddy pick up the baby. We don't want to drop him and hurt him."
Alison & Porter: " Okay mom."
I just roll my eyes, hug my kids, pray they don't drop Kynaston on his head, and hold the laughter tell after they can't see me laugh.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alison in Oregon

Wow it is taking me a long time to finish this Oregon trip. :) O'well it will happen. Alison loves grandma's as much as Porter and Kynaston did. Alison playing in the tree house with grandma.
Aunt Mary taking a turn as the doctor.
I promise she didn't ware this outfit the whole trip. She just loves it because Grandma J mad it for her.
When ever Aunt Mary was around Alison wanted to play.

This was on the 4th. Alison was getting ready to throw a cup of water on Grandma. Grandma was telling her if she did she would get thrown in the pool.

On the tire swing with Porter. One of her favorite spots to play.

I was taking Kynaston's picture and Alison wanted hers taken in the same spot.

Up a tree with Uncle Nathan.

Picking Berries with Grandma Florance.

She loved the raspberries.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oregon: Porter

Porter loved being at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think Uncle Nathan took this picture.
Porter likes to be the doctor. Poor Aunt Mary was black and blue from all the hammering on her knees.

Feeding the ducks.

On the tire swing. He loved to be here and was always begging people to push him.

He had to climb the tree with Uncle Nathan.

On his way up to the tree house.
This is not a black eye he was always playing in the dirt and getting muddy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Months and first instalment of Oregon

Awe my baby is 7 months old. He has the cutest personality. He learned to sit up while we were in Oregon thanks to Grandpa spending lots of time practicing with him. On our way to Oregon he cut his 2 bottom teeth. He loves the car and did amazing on our trip. We only had one melt down in our two day drive I was so proud of him. Right now his favorite things to do are to sit and empty his toy basket he can do for hours as long as every few minutes we refill the basket. His sister who calls him the little one or the little squallier, his paci he is never without it, he loves to giggle but his favorite thing is his sequel, he will also give you a kiss if you say Kyanston kiss. He is also starting to us sounds when he is crying right now its babadada.

I love this picture!
Kynaston with his Grandma Alice. He loved all the "toys" aka kitchen untiles grandma let him play with.

Kynaston and his Grandpa Jim, he LOVED grandpa. He would get excited every time he caught grandpa's attention.

Eating Watermelon on the 4th of July. He got so mad at me when we had to take the rine away.

Kynaston with Grandma Great Florance. He loved to give her lots of kisses.

With mommy, still his favorite person.:)

Look at how big he is sitting up all alone. He things its a great trick.

Playing in the sand. He loved the feel and taste of the sand on the beach.

He loves to read/eat books.

Kynaston with Grandpa Great Garth.

MMMM Popsicles.

At least its not the baby

My kids asked me today if they could color in their coloring books with markers. I told them they could as long as they didn't color on themselfs or the table. Well I guess I should have included the cat in the what not to color on. I came out to the computer to find the cat laying on the chair a lovely shade of green and purple verses her usualy gray and white. When I asked Alison why they had colored the cat she just smiled and said "she wanted us to." O'well at least its not the baby!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Discovery Gateway

We went to the Discovery Gateway just before we went to Oregon. We went with our little pre-school friends, and had a blast. Our little group. James, Alison, Kynaston, Kaylee, Porter, & Gracie.

Alison and Porter in a Helicopter.

Porter, Alison, and Kaylee in the helicopter.

Alison putting gas in a car.

Kynaston and James. We had someone ask if they are twins. There is actually 9 months between them.

Porter and Kaylee being construction workers.

Porter operating a crane.

Playing with the balls and turning the cranks.

Showing off our bracelet's.