Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 months and fresh strawberries

Its crazy that 6 months ago we were bring Kynaston home from the hospital. He is now 18 lbs and 28 in. He has more then doubled his birth weight and is just the cutest little chunk. We have had a ruff six months though. Since March the poor little guy has had 3 double ear infections and 2 singles. We are contemplating getting tubs in his ears. As of today he can roll from his back to his tummy witch makes him supper mad. He hates tummy time. He can roll back to his back but just refuses to do so when he is mad. He is so close to sitting up and would be able to if he didn't get so excited and move his legs witch cause a chain reaction of falling backwards and flipping over. Still no teeth all though they have threatened several times to poke threw. He loves to eat, Cheerios's and Popsicles are his favorite.
This picture is a result of Alison feeding him. He loved it!
Last summer we planted a few Strawberries plants. This year they finally produced berries. Here's what we picked yesterday. They tasted so yummy!


Jessica said...

He must be a big guy! Makiah was only 16 lbs at 9 months, she is a tiny one.
Those strawberries look great! good job, very impressive.

Shamae said...

The strawberries look beautiful and your lil man is a cutie!

Celest said...

He is getting big. Your lucky you get to eat your strawberries the birds get mine right as they ripen. This year for our anniversary I am getting Chris a gun so he can sit on the patio and pick them off one at a time:)