Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Royal Family

A couple of days ago the kids had the following conversation.

Alison: "Mom I'm the Princess."

Porter: "I'm the King."

Alison: "No your not the King Daddy is, and mommy is the Queen."

Porter: "What am I?"

Alison: "You are the Prince."

Porter: "O!! Okay, Mom I'm the prince."

Mom: "Well what is Kynaston?"

Alison: "Mom!! He's the monkey of coarse."

Mom: " Really? The monkey, why."

Alison: "Because he is silly."

So there you have it we are all royalty in this house expert the baby who is basically the Court Jester.


Shamae said...

lol too funny!

Jen said...

Of course he's the monkey, how silly that you didn't know that! ROFL.

Blake and Erica said...

Kids say the cutest things :) Love iT!!!!