Sunday, March 29, 2009

March maddness

No I'm not talking about the College Basketball March Madness, I'm talking that in general March has been crazy. So in a nut shell here's been our month.

March 1: James and I spent the whole night trading off who was up with Kynaston. He was having a hard time breathing and we didn't dare put him down so one of us held him all night.

March 2: Kynaston got RSV and a double ear infection and was put on oxygen for a week. We spent that week back and forth from the doctor's office praying he would get better with out going to the hospital. Porter also had a double ear infection that day. And we had ten days of antibiotics for both boys.

March 6: My family left for Nauvoo, I had planed on going with them but when Kynaston got sick we ended up staying home. Instead we watched Julia's dog Choncho. My kids loved having him and the day after we got him back to Julia Porter told me Mom I miss Choncho. I ended up spending the week doing the mud and tap in our bedroom in the back.

March 8: We went out to Jen and Paul's for dinner. Jeff , Tammy and Matt were all able to come so we had a big family party. We had Choncho with us and James kept texting Julia mean things saying we had lost her dog and such.

March 11 & 13: Pre-school for both Alison and Porter. We are doing a co-op with some family's in our ward. The kids are loving it!

March 13: Friday the 13th something had to go wrong. James took the day off from work to do stuff around the house. That afternoon he went down in our utility room under our house to move some wires, when he got down there their was water all over the floor and one of our pipes was leaking. It looked like it had been going on for a couple of days. We had about an inch of water on the floor down there. At least there wasn't anything to ruin down there. The fix was easy and the floor dried on its own. Just made for a muddy mess.

March 16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA BERRY!!! I was still feeling sad about not getting to go to Nauvoo and had the idea to just go to my moms and surprise her for her birthday. I loaded the kids and the car and we drove up there. We got to a rest stop in Malad and I being the smart one that I am locked my keys in the car. We waited for 45 minutes for the insurance company to dispatch someone out to get us back in. Grandma was so happy to see us when we finally got there. We ended up staying the week.

March 19: I took on my moms day care for her while she took Katrina to get her drivers licence. I had 13 kids all 5 and under for 3 hours. I still don't know how she does it. Mom you are amazing!

March 20: Kynaston refused to nurse. And ended up with his ear infections coming back. We were in Idaho and called his doctor who called in a persecution for us so we didn't have to go to an ER. Kynaston would only take a bottle for four days. My mom and dad ended up buying a pump because I had forgot mine. That night Melody watched my kids so I could go to the musical Bye Bye Birdie, my brother Aaron was Conrade and my dad was in the quartet. They did a very good job.

Aaron swinging his hips.

March 21: Julia, Charlie, and I took on 7 kids all under the age of 4. We had Alison, Porter, Kynaston, Lucase, Wade, Austen, and Sammy (Austen and Sammy are a friend of ours kids who went to the musical that night.) We made it threw the night with lots of crying but we survived.

Wade, Kynaston

March 22: Sunday we were getting ready to go to church and the power went out. But only in half the town so there was no power at my moms but the church still had power. After dinner that day we came back home to daddy, who had been home alone all week. I had started Sleeping Beauty for the kids. About 20 minutes in Alison says mom they are talking funny. I turned down the radio and sure enough the movie was going in Spanish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA J!!!

March 23: I took Porter to the doctor because he had a runny nose and was complaining that his ear hurt. Doctor told us that his ear was pink but not an ear infection yet. He sent us home and told us to call back if it got worse. That night we did family home evening on being happy. I was asking the kids what made them happy. Alison said coloring, Porter says the doctor. Then I asked them what makes daddy happy, Porter with out thinking yells out Roller Coasters. James actually hates them. That got us off topic and they both started to talking about two summers ago when Grandma and Grandpa took us to Lagoon and they got to ride a roller coaster.

March 25: Got maybe 3 hours of sleep total. Porter was up 5 times during the night because of his ear and Kynaston was up every hour to eat. Such a long night. Today was our turn for doing Pre-school. We had six kids here and learned about the letter E.

March 26: Our doctor usually has Thursdays off but for one reason or another they were in this week. I took Porter back to the doctor to find out that yes he had a full blown ear infection in the right ear. And again was put on antibotix.

March 27: Pre-school again. We learned about our eyes and ears and did an Easter egg hunt. In the afternoon we went out with my friend Marcie and did pictures of the kids in the cute eater outfits grandma got them. At 6pm that night I went scrapbooking at Marcie's house we scrapbooked tell 11pm.

March 28: We had an emergency preparedness meatting at the church and Alison had a primary activity. In the middle of it all the fan in the Women's bathroom bunt up and smoked the whole bathroom. We had to evacuate the building and 4 firetrucks showed up. The kids were all excited to see firetrucks and we were soon let back in to the building when they figured out that it was only the fan and that the building wasn't on fire. Matt came buy last night with a friend they stayed for dinner and then went to a Jazz game. During dinner Porter says Matt you don't live with her (his date). Kids say whats on their minds.

March 29: We got a freak storm. I was getting ready to put the kids in the car for church when the wind picked up it was blowing so hard that I took them out one at a time so I could hold on to them I was worried they would blow away. While we were in church we got a blizzard that dropped about 2 inches on us. On the plus side all 5 of us got a 2 hour nap. And Kynaston is figured out how to grab the toys that hang over his head.

We were cold and wanted to read books.


Hears to a happy healthy April!! BRING ON SPRING!!!!!!


Jen said...

Wow, you have been busy! The pictures look great!! The puppy is adorable. And, your blog header looks great too.

Marty and Jamie said...

What a March you have had! Just think of all the laughs you will have about it someday. Your kids are adorable! I love their outfits!

Micah and Jen said...

Whew! I am tired just reading it! Hopefully April will be less busy for you! :)