Monday, February 9, 2009

Whats your Style?

My friend Jenni had this posted on her blog and in honer of our remodle I thought I'd take the test. I've never been to Ikea my self but maybe its time that I go. My style is Scandinavian Original. My other picks are 20% Modern, 40% Scandinavian, and 40% Country. So I guess its actuly a tie for Scandinavian and Country. To try it out yourself go here,en_US;findyourstyle

Man I need to learn how to make the here take you there. LOL!


Jen said...

Have fun! IKEA isn't my favorite--I get overwhelmed and can't find anything, but I see cute things all the time that are from there. I just can't seem to find them.

Jen said...

I got Scandinavian Classic on the quiz.

Micah and Jen said...

how to do the HERE thing:
after you type the HERE (or whatever you want the link to say) then highlight it and then click on the little world icon on the blogger tool bar (kind-of next to where you upload pictures) it will then give you an area to type in the link. If you copy/paste something make sure you erase the first http:// or it won't work. Hope this helps and it was a fun test! And don't you live in SLC???? YOU HAVE TO GO TO IKEA! It's only in Draper! :) And soooo worth the trip....but don't take any kids! Just a few hours for you and some girlfriends....kind-of like an experience the first time you go! :) Oh, the link for that blog book is (it's also on my sidebar...just click on the picture of my book and it will take you there!) HUGS!