Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have a fake.

Alison has had a cold the last two days and every time she coughs we tell her to take a drink of water. Well last night we got them McDonald's for dinner and with it they got milk. While daddy was getting gas in the car Porter and I have the following conversation.

Porter: "Mom I have a fake."
Me: "A fake what?"
Porter: (irritated) "A Fake, you know a fake."
Me: "No Porter I don't know what a fake is."
Porter: "cough cough, You know mom a fake cough."
Me: "O you do?"
Porter: "Yes mom and when I'm done with my fake I'll get a drink of milk."
Me: "Okay you do that."
Porter: (all excited) "Mom my fake is gone!"

What will he come up with next?


Marty and Jamie said...

Oh, you got to love kids! They are so cute in the things they say and do!

Goodwin Family said...

Isn't it great the things kids come up with!! How cute!