Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 months and 3 years

Yesterday we had Porter's 3 year check up and Kynaston's 2 month check up. Both boys are growing great and their exams went well.
Porter is now 35 lbs and 38 inches. He was full of questions for the doctor and I realized that he talks a lot when Alison isn't around. He had so much to say to me he cracks me up. He told me "Mom I need a puppy", maybe when he is old enough to take care of a puppy he can have one. He is very head strong, when his mind is set there is no changing it and maybe that's why we have had such a hard time potty training. His doctor did give me a way that should potty train him in a day, I just have to find something to do with Alison for the day.
Kynaston is growing fast. He is now 14lbs 5oz (almost twice his birth weight) and 24 inches (5 inches longer then birth.) He is strong and rolled over 3 times on Monday. He has found how to get his fist to his mouth and loves to suck on it, he also has started to sleep threw the night. In the last week he has started to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night, mommy and daddy are loving that. Kynaston gives us lots of smiles and loves to sit and coo at mommy while she talks to him.
I can't believe how big my boys are getting. I look at Kynaston and think where did the last 2 months go and why are you growing so fast? Then I look at Porter and think what the heck happened to the last three years. It makes me love and cherish everyday. I realize they grow so fast and before long Kynaston will be three and Porter will be going to school. But for now I will try and enjoy the little things and remember that it will all be gone to soon.

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