Monday, November 16, 2009

11 months

I'm so far behind on my blog lately. Kynaston is now 11 months old. He loves to Cruz around the furniture and will sometimes let go and stand for a second or two before he falls over. The other day he let go of a door and eminently fell over backwards. He is such a happy little guy now. He loves to eat, play peek a boo, and scream at his sister. He is learning to fold his arms for prayer and a couple of times he has said aman. He has lots of little words that we have heard once or twice and is saying more and more every day. When he crawls he loves to have something in one of his hands that makes noise. Usualy it is half of an egg shell and it makes him sound like a Clides Dale horse, we always know when he is coming.
His picture this time is of him finding a bag of cookie crumbs daddy had left down. He dumped the bag and was found in the middle of the crumb mess with a huge mouth full of cookies and an even bigger smile on his face.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Because I'm 5!

Last Monday on the 2nd of November my little princess turned 5! She was so excited about it that all morrning long she was skipping threw the house sinning I'm 5! I'm 5! I'm 5! We had a day full of parties, starting with school. Porter and I took in cupcakes to share with her class and then she got to show Porter what they do in school. After school we rushed home to get ready for her birthday party with friends. We had 14 little kids running around. It was a little crazy but lots of fun. Alison got some realy neat things from her friends and her favorit is the 16 tubs of lip gloss she got.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Couch and TV

Earlyer this week we had to go Couch shopping because after 3 weeks of working every day to try and get the smell of cat pee out my couch was a lost couse. We went to RcWilley on Moday and found a couch we realy liked. We also found a tv we liked and have been talking about getting for months now. We put the tv up on the wall on Tuesday and had to wait for the couch to come in. It got here today and we are now enjoying the space and the new toys.

I don't think we could have found a better couch to fit in our living room.

TV is 52 in high def. My favorit feater is its on the wall.

Porter was so cute when he saw the tv on the wall. He told me "Whow Mom that is a HUGE tv!" Then latter asked me if the weather screan was a big dot to dot. That kid keeps us laughing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Months

I feel a little sad to look at my baby and realize he isn't much of a baby any more. Yes he still depends on me. But he is getting more and more independent. The other day we were getting ready to go and I asked him if he wanted to go by by. I then proceeded to take him in his room to get him ready. He thought I was putting him to bed and started to cry gogo bbb. He loves to crawl and climb. He thinks its so funny to be able to grab what ever Alison and Porter have put on the couch to get out of his reach. He also has very long arms and can reach just about anything on the couch when he stands up. We always forget about his long arms and often find his food, sippie, and other odds and ends on the floor. I call him my little Vacuum cleaner. It doesn't mater how clean the floor is he will find something he shouldn't have. Sleep has finally made its way back into our nights. Kynaston will go form 7 or 8 pm tell anywhere from 4 to 6 am, eat and go back to bed for 2 or 3 hours. Naps are another story but with nights like his its okay to not nap so great.
Kynaston learned a little about gravity yesterday. He tried his luck at falling down grandmas stairs. Mom says she caught him at step 4 and that he was laying perfectly for a good roll down a hill. I think he was just trying to get to his sister. He just adoors her, and is always so excited to see her.

Tamming of theShrew

I hate hair cuts! Hate them so much that I avoid them like the plage. My last one was probably over a year ago. Why do I hate them so you might ask? Well I hate them because of my curl. I usualy look like a mushroom when I'm done. And it then takes months and months for me to look human again. Well I finaly dicided that since it looks like this...

That it was time to bite the bullet and get it done. I am in Idaho right now visting my mom and she keept my kids while Katrina and I went to get it done. I told my stylest that I was very nurvise about it and that I was yet to have a hair cut that I truly liked let alone loved. She asked me a few questions and then told me that her boyfriend had long curly hair and that she was very familure with the curse of the curl. I told her what I wanted and she seamed confedent about what she was doing. Well needless to say today I am likeing my hair cut! It is not to short and I don't look like a mushroom.
The new cut!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fair

For the first time in the four years we have been in this area we took the kids to the fair. They loved it! We saw all the animals, walked threw all the booths, and the kids got to do a farm village while we were there. They loved it and it was a great family outing. Here is some of our fun at the fair.

Kynaston just hanging out. He loves his stroller!

Pony ride!

They had a free farm experience there. The kids got baskets. Filled it with corn, fed the cow, milked the cow, planted veggies, picked veggies, collected eggs, drove a tractor, brushed a sheep, and then in the end got a small box of milk. It made the fair worth it for them.
Gassing up the tractors. The tractor was so big Porter had a hard time getting it to go.

Milking the Cow.

There were a couple of race cars there. Alison loved to pose by them.

They were reeving the engine on this race car when we got to the fair. Porter thought that was the coolest thing!

Monday, September 14, 2009

9 Months

My little guy is now 9 months! Here are some stats...
Weight: 18 lb 11 oz (Only in the 19th%)
Hight: 29 in (In the 70th%0
Favorite people: Mommy, Daddy, Alison, Porter, Grandpa
Words: dadada, mamam, blablabla
Teeth: 4 2 up and 2 down
Food: He will eat anything we give him but he loves Mac an Cheese.
Development: Crawling all over the place, pulling himself up to things, sitting up on his own. He claps for himself when he sits down.
Favorit Toy: What ever the other two kids have out to play with. He loves our fisher price zoo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

Since we were all together for Labor Day Weekend, we thought it would be nice to do family photos since we have added 5 boys to the family since last September and Aaron will be getting ready to go on mission this winter. Here are a few of shots that Melody's friend took for us. We did them at the beach in Aberdeen.

My mom wanted a few of us all in the water.

The whole Family.
Porter and Lucas. They are 5 months apart and best buds. They loved when we told them they could go play in the water.

Mom and Dad, the founders of this big clan.
My sister Melody and her adorable little baby Kooper, Kooper was the latest to join the family and was born Auguest 5, 2009.

My little family. I love this picture.
Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids. Yes Alison is the only girl and she loves it!

My little princess.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Newport Aquarium

We got to go to Newport Oregon on our trip. We actually went twice because the first day we went it was to windy to spend time on the Beach and James really wanted the kids to get to play in the ocean. We ended up going to the Aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa. The kids loved it. Alison called it the fish zoo and couldn't get enough of it. Family photo.
Such cute little kids! I think Grandpa was making face's at Kynaston.

Sitting with Grandma and Grandpa. Porter wasn't interested.

Feeling the sea life in the tide pool, with Aunt Mary.

I think this was a sting ray. The kids got to touch it.

Lion Fish!

Watching a bird swim under water.

Watching the seals and sea lions swim under water.

Alison and Porter loved this fish and had to have a picture taken by it.