Saturday, December 6, 2008

Early Christmas

Grandma Berry sent Alison and Porter Chirstmas early this year so they can play with it befor Christmas gets here. It was the Fisher Price Nativity set. They love it. The day they got it they played all day long with it. It cracks me up to listen to them play. The things they come up with.

The kids love to draw with their little doodle boards.
This is Porters Bug.

This is Alison's picuter of me with the baby in my tummy.

She was so excited to show me the portrit she did of me!


Josh & Jamie Beutler said...

Thats awesome Amber :) I can't wait until I can have Christmases like that! Steven doing okay! We're just waiting on the feeding. Because of his malformation, eating is a hard thing for him to learn. Once he gets that, then he's coming home! So...i just gotta be super duper patient LOL

Marty and Jamie said...

Very cute! I love those Fisher Price nativity and hope to get one someday.