Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whats on my leg?

So today Alison, Porter, and I were playing Uno on my bed. Porter looks up at me with a very concerned look on his face and says:
"Mom there's something on my leg." "
Me: "What are you talking about its your leg I don't see anything wrong."
Porter: "See right here? What is it?"
Me: "O'that, that's your ankle."
Porter: "My ankle? Why is it there?"
Me: "Everyone has them."
Alison: "Hey I have them too."
Me: "Yes everyone has them they are part of our body's. They help make it so we can walk."
Alison: "O! So I got mine yesterday when I stepped on the rock outside?"
Me: "No you were born with them."
Porter: "No mom they are rocks from outside."

By this point I am laughing so hard we had to stop talking and go back to playing our game. Not to mention how can I compete with a rock? James came home and Porter had to show him his rocks then he found out that daddy has rocks in his legs too.


Jen said...

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got..."

Quit eating rocks!

Goodwin Family said...

aren't kids funny!! I love that we have rocks in our legs!!

Jessica said...

How funny! I love kids thoughts, they say the funniest things! Thanks for showing me your blog I love it!

Jesse and Barbara said...

Your kids are so cute! Sorry we haven't seen them in a while. Congratulations about the new baby boy to be! Give us a call and tell us when you can come by. We would love to see you.