Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sisterly Love

"(Visiting Teaching) is a very serious resposiability; it really is. But it is not a heavy burden, it just takes a little more faith. It is worthy of our best efforts." President Gordan B. Hinkly.

Growing up in the church I have had many opportunity's to see visiting teaching in action. Weather it was sisters bring meals in to my mom and our family just after she had a baby, watching my mom diligently go visiting teaching every month, or threw more person and intimate experiences that I've had.

When I turned 18 and was given the chance be a vising teacher I accepted because that's just what you are suppose to do. Accept a call that Heavenly Father has given you. It wasn't tell many years later that I would truly appreciate what Visiting Teaching truly is and means.

My first experience happened when I and my husband were dealing with a miscarriage of our first pregnancy. I was having a very hard time dealing with it because well for one its just hard to deal with that sort of thing and two it was our first. I didn't know the sisters who were assigned to me very well at the time but they came to see me as soon as they found out. One of them had experienced the same thing and knew exactly how I felt and new just the right words to say to me for comfort. I know that she was truly called by heavenly father to be an aid for me at such a hard time in my life.

Skipping forward now a few years and I'm in a new ward with a new Companion. We have been companions for over 2 years and have a system for what we have found to work well. One of us will call the sisters and set up the appointments and the other will give the lesson. We try to visit one sister a week and that way we don't end up over whelmed with trying to get it all done all at once.

It wasn't until a month ago though that I realized that Visiting Teaching doesn't just benefit those we go to but is also there to help us. In my 5th month of pregnancy I developed some hip problems that have caused me to be mostly house bound. At the end of September I got a call from one of the sisters I go Visiting Teaching to. She was worried about me because we hadn't been buy that month and she had heard that I was having some health problems and wanted to know what she could do to help. I quickly told her what was going on and that I couldn't do much around the house. She said well can I call on the Relief Society to get you some help? What do you need. I thought for a moment and then told her that if we could get help with meals once a week and if someone could come help clean once a week that would be a huge help to me and my family. She said okay and we hung up. It wasn't more then an hour latter that she called me again saying she had talked to the RS President and that starting Sunday they would ask people sisters to volunteer to help out for as long as was needed. It has been almost a full month and my heart is full of gratitude for that sister who called me when I should have been calling her.

I know that Visiting teaching is a wonderful calling and we may never know the full extent of its blessings to us or to those we serve and teach. But I do know that it is a calling I will never take for granite again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a Good Day!!

Woohoo I got my braces off today. I've been weighting for this day for 18 months. I love how my teeth look and feel. My appointment took 3 hours so my hips are killing me from sitting in a dentist chair for so long but it was so worth it! Yesterday I hit the 31 week mark. YES we are in the single digits for weeks left. I also saw my OB yesterday and baby is acutely measuring 2 weeks ahead of where we are. My doc is talking about inducing me at week 39 witch means that we would only have 7 weeks left!!! And with Julia getting married on the 26th of December the 15th would be a great day to have a baby.
Porter got a hair cut today. He hair grows so fast and I love it when its short. He is so adorable!

Alison was just here normal loving self today. She will be 4 in two weeks. I can't belive its been 4 years all ready.

I'm a Girl

Yesterday we pulled out our Halloween things since Halloween is just around the corner. Alison is going to be Rainbow Bright. A costume my mom had from way back when. After she tried it on and liked it Porter wanted a turn. As soon as I got it on him he says "Mom I'm a girl now." I told him with a smile on my face, "No Porter you will always be a boy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In The Knot

As a crazy Pregnant mother of two I have been wondering how on earth I was going to handle nursing and keeping the blanket on. While doing some research I found that there are covers out there called nursing covers. I started looking around the web and got frustrated because all the ones I was finding were so expensive. I couldn't see spending $60 on a blanket with a tie. So I put it on the back burner. Well a week ago I came across this lady in Provo, UT who makes them and doesn't charge a lot for them. Hers cost $15 per cover. Anyway I was so excited I ordered two of them on the spot. I got them today and thought I would share how cute they are and how excited I am to have them. The Black and White one is my favorite!

If you like what you see check out her blog/site.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks for the Tag Stacy

8 things i'm passionate about:
1. My Hubby
2. My Family
3. Reading
4. Scrapbooking
5. Cooking
6. Talking with Friends
7. Family Vacations
8. Walking

8 words or phrases I say often:
1. I love you
2. Porter go to the bathroom
3. Don't hit, bit, or push
4. We need milk
5. I want chocolate
6. Move over
7. Your on the baby
8. My hips are killing me

8 things I want to accomplish in the coming year:
1. Potty train Porter
2. Have this baby
3. Get cought up in scrapbooking
4. Go camping with the Family more
5. Go to the Temple once a month
6. Go to Oregan
7. Learn to water ski
8. Bild my Pampred Chef Biz

8 places I would love to go or visit:
1. The Grand Cannon
2. Navoo
3. New York
4. Italy
5. Disney Land
6. Paris
7. On a Cruise
8. Portigale

8 things I need or want:
1. New bedroom set
2. More kitchen cabnents
3. A kitchen mixer
4. A scrapbook room
5. Flat screen TV
6. A bigger house
7. A nap
8. A Nanny tell December

I tag Jen Lords, Jessica Bateman, Mary Johnson

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whats on my leg?

So today Alison, Porter, and I were playing Uno on my bed. Porter looks up at me with a very concerned look on his face and says:
"Mom there's something on my leg." "
Me: "What are you talking about its your leg I don't see anything wrong."
Porter: "See right here? What is it?"
Me: "O'that, that's your ankle."
Porter: "My ankle? Why is it there?"
Me: "Everyone has them."
Alison: "Hey I have them too."
Me: "Yes everyone has them they are part of our body's. They help make it so we can walk."
Alison: "O! So I got mine yesterday when I stepped on the rock outside?"
Me: "No you were born with them."
Porter: "No mom they are rocks from outside."

By this point I am laughing so hard we had to stop talking and go back to playing our game. Not to mention how can I compete with a rock? James came home and Porter had to show him his rocks then he found out that daddy has rocks in his legs too.