Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extra Strength & Dr. Pepper

I'm sitting here sipping my Dr Pepper and laughing at my own stupidity. Before I get a head of my self let me tell you about the day that led up to this moment. Sundays are hard at our house, church is at 1pm (middle of nap time), James has to be at the church by 11 and isn't home tell about 5 usually.
So what makes think today will be any diffrent? I mean I get to wake up to Alison yelling "Mom Porter pooped and took his diaper off." What a mess! We get thew that mess and start another one of those days and a whole lot of caiose. We made it threw the morning as the usual ruff Sunday morning with baths and fighting over what Veggie Tail we are going to watch first before church. Well we finally made it to church and are you kidding me Porter is asleep. WOOHOO!!! I can actualy listen in sacrament meatting. Alison sits next to me and starts drawing in a coloring book, soon she is handing me her book saying look mommy I drew you. So now picture in your mind a long stick (top to bottom on the page) an oval at the top for my head, big bulging eyes, short stubby hands and feet and the best part strait hair that sticks up all over the place. She must have been think about what I look like in the mornings (not pretty). I chuckled and let her keep drawing. With in a few minutes she is demanding my attention again and is showing me the following picture.

Here is her explanation, I (mommy am the one in the middle with the t threw the middle of my head (maybe that is why I have a head ake) She and Porter are the two at the bottom and then on the left right next to mommy is daddy and then attached to daddy's side is grandma. What is that saying about daddy??? We made it threw the rest of church fine but I think that is because Alison and Porter weren't together. We get ready to leave the church and they both decided they need a drink of water from the same fountain at the same time. You should have heard the cat fight I had to try and break up. (Rolling my eyes.)
We got home from church (finally!!) and started thinking about dinner. I decided I didn't want to think about dinner so I started on cake because we all know life's to short eat cake. Alison and Porter are busy fighting over who know what at this time and I really could care less at this point I have had enough of it. Besides they can't really kill each other at this age can they?
Sunday's always take a tole on my energy level and today was no different it may have been worse but I don't know. By 8pm we have both kids in bed sleeping thank goodness and I decided I need some Tylenol to try and kill this head ake. I go to the cabinet and grab my Extra Strength Tylenol because lets face it I'm prego and can't take anything else. I take the lid off and start shaking. I'm shaking and shaking for like 30 seconds and nothing is coming out, I know there is stuff in it because I can hear it making noise. I turn it over and wouldn't you know I grabbed the bottle that doesn't have the company seal off it yet. LOL!!!! What a day! So here's to Dr. Pepper and Extra Strength my only friends on a day like today. And here I sit sipping Dr. Pepper and loving my Extra Strength, thankful to have another day over with. What will tomorrow be like? Who knows and right now who cares...

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