Sunday, June 8, 2008

Longest night ever

So we were on our way home from a fun trip to grandmas last night. We stoped in Willard Bay for gas and as we were getting on the freeway we heard a strange noise. Thinking that we had an exhaust leak that was just getting worse James grumbled something about needing to climb under the truck on Monday and find out what was going on. We got on the freeway and hadn't gone more then a mile if that when all the sudden there was a loud pop and we had smoke coming up from underneath the truck. James pulled over as fast as he could all the while loosing power and the truck making a bad noise. Alison woke up and stared crying because of the noise and the fact that it was 10:30 at night. We get pulled over and James jumps out to see if he can see what is the problem without a flashlight. He comes to the conclusion that our transmission is shot and that we are not getting off the freeway by ourselves that night.
I got on the phone and called our insurance company who dispatched High-Way Petrol out to us. Because lets face it we are sitting on the side of a busy freeway, its dark, and people just don't slow down or move over. All we needed was for someone to hit us going 75 while we were stuck in park. The insurance company also dispatched a tow truck out to us and we were told it would be 1 1/2 hours tell they could get a truck to us. James was like that is unacceptable and that they needed to get someone there faster.
By this time the kids are starting to get fussy because no one wants to sit in a car seat of an unmoving car, and once again its way late.
When the HP officer showed up, James told him what he thought had happened and how long our insurance said it would take to get a truck to us. The HP officer told him to call us to call our insurance back and cancel the tow because he could have a truck to us in less then 30 minutes. He also told us that if we had family in the area we might want to give them a call because the tow truck might not have enough seats for two car seats and two adults plus the driver.
We came to the conclusion that Bj my cousin was probably the closet to us because he lived in Syracuse. So its now after 11 pm and I'm calling Bj out of the blue to see if he might be able to come get me and the kids. He of coarse was more then willing and got on the way.
About 15 minutes later the tow truck showed up and thankfully he had room for 6 and we didn't have to crowed. So I called Bj back to let him know that we didn't need him after all. Thankfully he hadn't gotten to far and was able to turn back. Thanks Bj for being so willing to help.
Now for the adventure of moving kids and car seats. We pulled the kids out and took them to the truck all the while Alison is so worried that we are just going to leave our stuff and our car on the side of the road and go home without it. I'm trying to explain to a very sleepy 3 year old that the nice man with the big truck was going to load our truck on his and then take us, our stuff and our truck home.
I climbed into the truck with Alison and James brought me Porter who was all but asleep. Then he proceeded to get there seats out of the truck and we buckled them in. The kids were nerves about leaving mommy's lap but I sat there and reassured them that they were sitting in there own car set and that the guy with the big truck was just going to take us all home.
While the tow truck driver was loading the truck he noticed that it wasn't the transmission but that we were missing our transfer case entirely. So apparently the transfer case for our 4 wheel drive snapped in half and then disintegrated. James says it "blows my mind" how that happened. And we were off on our way home.
Porter by now is fully awake and totally excited to be riding in the big big truck. That was all he talked about for 10 minutes was the big big truck. He would say we are riding in the big big truck and then he would just laugh. At least he found joy in the $200 tow ride.
We got the truck home without incident after that and the tow truck driver was able to put the car in the driveway. Alison once again started to worry about all the stuff in the car and that her car seat was in the big truck. She wouldn't go to bed tell we had everything in the house safe and sound.
So now where dose this leave us? Car less and not sure how much damage was done. Also we don't know the cost. James did find out that it would be about $1,000 at the cheapest just for the transfer case. And like I said we don't know the extent of the damage.
James did have a good look out on it all though. He isn't to worried about the cost, I will just worry about that part and how to pay for it.
But for now my biggest concern is being without a car for an undetermined amount of time. O'well life happens and what can we do but except it.


Ashley said...

Hey, that really sucks, but I'm glad you guys are ok. To answer your question, the book comes out Aug. 2nd

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I'm glad all of you are ok. That really sucks...

Jen said...

Oh man, I really hate car trouble. I'm so glad you guys are OK though.

Dara said...

What a bad night! Glad your all ok. Good luck with having no car.

Amber said...

We are okay. Some friends in our ward lent us a car for as long as we need it. I'm so greatfull to a heavenly father who takes care of us.