Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Vacation

I know that just the titel should be scary enough to turn people off. And not want to read but this wasn't a typical family vacation. No inlaws no outlaws just James, the kids and I. O'yeah and the dog (he was better then the kids).

Over presedents day weekend we were able to go to St. George. Grandma Florance let us use her condo down there for 4 days and we were able to go to Zions and Bryce National Parks. Alison and Porter had so much fun they were such troopers on all our walks and enjoyed every minute of being out doors and with mom and dad.

Daddy, Alison, & Porter on our one mile walk.

Ceaser loved all the car rides.

Zoin's National Park

Ceaser, Porter, & Alison

Bryce Canyon


Jen said...

I love the one with Porter walking the dog! Great pictures!

Miss you!

Dara said...

Yeah I found your blog! Great pics of the kids! How are you guys doing? I can't believe how much your kids have grown!! Take care and tell James hi for me.