Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Next Da Vinci

Alison decided to try her art skills yesterday while I was in the shower. Rather then using paper she used the Kitchen floor and her walls. I spent yesterday morning putting wall stickers up in the kid's room and Alison spent the afternoon drawing steams on the flowers and bug trails on the wall. In the kitchen she drew her hand, a heart, her foot, and what she told me is a bug. I was so frustrated with her yesterday but today I woke up and went to the kitchen and there on the floor was my little Da Vinci's work. It may not be the next Mona Lisa but to me it is worth so much more. I'm sad that I have to mop the floor today.

Alison's hand and heart!

Alison's foot!
She told me today it was a crab.

Alison's Bug!

Alison's flowers and bugs that needed tails and stems.
While I love my little artiest I have put her crayons up and moved all wall stickers out of her reach. But her wall will have the colored lines on them for the next 3 weeks since I can't wash the walls tell the paint has been on their for 30 days.


Tiffany Faught said...

Oh man...aren't kids fun sometimes? She's such a little cutie though!

Jen said...

I can see it! :D

This is precious, although infuriating at the time...

once my kids left a yogurt handprint on the wall, and I couldn't bring myself to clean it off for a really long time. It was too cute.