Friday, April 6, 2007

Zoo Day

While Grandma and Grandpa were here from Oregon we took them to the zoo. Alison loved showing grandma, pappa, and Uncle Nathen the Elephants, Rinos, Giraffe, Zebras, and Monkeys. Heres some fun pictures of that day.

Grandma and Pappa with the kids.

The Giraffe

Porter possing with the tigers.

Alison possing with the wagon.

The Elephant

The Rinos

Alison, Uncle Nathen, and Porter.

The new Floor

I'm so in love with my new floor.

The kids love to clean the floor.

James got all the molding in. Dosen't it look so good?

Here is the bathroom. We aren't quite done yet. The blue tape won't be staying.

Our new bar light and mirror.

The new sink and towl rack. Also part of the new cabnet.

The new crown molding and shower curten.