Friday, February 16, 2007

MMM Cake!

Its hard to believe that my little baby boy is one! The weekend before Porters birthday we were at my moms house. They weren't going to be able to come for Porters party in Salt Lake so we had one for him there.

I've never tried coffee but I wonder if it would have the same affect on me that 2 small pieces of cake had on him. He got done with his cake and just started bouncing up and down, and shaking his head back and forth really really fast. We were all just laughing at him. I'm sure if I were to try coffee I would be having the same problem of literally bouncing off the walls.


Grandma and Grandpa gave Porter a V-Tec bug that sorts shapes. He and Alison both love it!

In an attempt to teach Alison about the true spirt of giving I had her get Porter a movie. Not sure she caught on but when she wants to watch it she will ask to watch Porters birthday Tales (Veggie Tales).

Here are some pictures of the party we had here in Salt Lake for Porter on his Birthday. His Aunt Mary, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Jeff all came to celebrate.

One of theis days I'm going to take a cake decorating class.

Porter wanted the candle so bad. Alison was just waiting for us to finish singing she wanted to blow the candle out. And James had to just sit and hold porters hands down so he didn't get hut.

After Porters chair was unwrapped he didn't care about anything else, so Alison ended up doing it for him. She didn't mind because she was feeling a little left out.

All hail King Porter!!

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Jen said...

I wish I could have come down for the parties! Alison's hair is getting so long & pretty! "Porker" is a doll!