Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lamest Bloger

And the award gose to ME, Amber Johnson!!

First I would have to thank my children for this award. We all know that find a momment alone with kids is like asking your husband to put the seat on the toilet down.

Second I'd have to thank life in general. Whenever something good comes up I'm to busy to let anyone know.

And finaly it all comes down to the fact that I'm just lazy and thats all there is to it. I just would rather watch tv then be on the internet all day long. That and the fact that I never know what to say. I'm not crative like my sister-in-law who could come up with a blog about a paper clip and make it sould like a wonderfull life changing event.

All in all I enjoy bloging when I can I just totaly suck at it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alison's hair cut

We had a traumatic morning today. Alison has been in need of a hair cut for a long long time and finally today I just sat her down and cut it. She was acutely good about it once she learned that I wasn't going to buzz it off like I do to Daddy's and Porters hair. LOL! Anyway she loves it and so do I!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Next Da Vinci

Alison decided to try her art skills yesterday while I was in the shower. Rather then using paper she used the Kitchen floor and her walls. I spent yesterday morning putting wall stickers up in the kid's room and Alison spent the afternoon drawing steams on the flowers and bug trails on the wall. In the kitchen she drew her hand, a heart, her foot, and what she told me is a bug. I was so frustrated with her yesterday but today I woke up and went to the kitchen and there on the floor was my little Da Vinci's work. It may not be the next Mona Lisa but to me it is worth so much more. I'm sad that I have to mop the floor today.

Alison's hand and heart!

Alison's foot!
She told me today it was a crab.

Alison's Bug!

Alison's flowers and bugs that needed tails and stems.
While I love my little artiest I have put her crayons up and moved all wall stickers out of her reach. But her wall will have the colored lines on them for the next 3 weeks since I can't wash the walls tell the paint has been on their for 30 days.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I just use this blog to post pictures of my kids. But they are so stinken cute. I took theis pictures in Idaho when we went to the Pocattello Zoo. There weren't very many animals there but the senery for pictures was great.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sun Babies!

We bought the kids a pool to try and beat off the summer heat. The kids love to play in it. Porter will walk around the outside of the pool for about 30 minutes befor he gets up the courage to get in. He is so funny. About the time Porter is getting in Alison wants to get out. Kids will be kids!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Zoo Day

While Grandma and Grandpa were here from Oregon we took them to the zoo. Alison loved showing grandma, pappa, and Uncle Nathen the Elephants, Rinos, Giraffe, Zebras, and Monkeys. Heres some fun pictures of that day.

Grandma and Pappa with the kids.

The Giraffe

Porter possing with the tigers.

Alison possing with the wagon.

The Elephant

The Rinos

Alison, Uncle Nathen, and Porter.

The new Floor

I'm so in love with my new floor.

The kids love to clean the floor.

James got all the molding in. Dosen't it look so good?

Here is the bathroom. We aren't quite done yet. The blue tape won't be staying.

Our new bar light and mirror.

The new sink and towl rack. Also part of the new cabnet.

The new crown molding and shower curten.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

Have you seen the show "Kids say the Darnedest things?" Alison could be one of those kids on that show. I wonder how someone as young as two could have so much to say.

I knew we were in trouble when at ten months Alison's first word was go.
Here is a top ten things she has ever said for your reading enjoyment.
10. Stinky Butt has now become Porters name.
9. When we first had Porter she would call him Porker.
8. Theirs Alison's Walmart.
7. Daddy can fix it. (It doesn't mater what it is.)
6. Helicopters are Hopper coopers.
5. Stupid Ceases is now the dogs name.
4. What dose Alison want Mommy? What dose Alison want?
3. She always calls herself Alison. Everything is in the third person.
2. No mommy you don't!
1. She asked my mom for a gram cracker but that's not what it sounded like!
Stay tuned for more top 10's to come. And mommy watch what you say when little ears are around.

MMM Cake!

Its hard to believe that my little baby boy is one! The weekend before Porters birthday we were at my moms house. They weren't going to be able to come for Porters party in Salt Lake so we had one for him there.

I've never tried coffee but I wonder if it would have the same affect on me that 2 small pieces of cake had on him. He got done with his cake and just started bouncing up and down, and shaking his head back and forth really really fast. We were all just laughing at him. I'm sure if I were to try coffee I would be having the same problem of literally bouncing off the walls.


Grandma and Grandpa gave Porter a V-Tec bug that sorts shapes. He and Alison both love it!

In an attempt to teach Alison about the true spirt of giving I had her get Porter a movie. Not sure she caught on but when she wants to watch it she will ask to watch Porters birthday Tales (Veggie Tales).

Here are some pictures of the party we had here in Salt Lake for Porter on his Birthday. His Aunt Mary, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Jeff all came to celebrate.

One of theis days I'm going to take a cake decorating class.

Porter wanted the candle so bad. Alison was just waiting for us to finish singing she wanted to blow the candle out. And James had to just sit and hold porters hands down so he didn't get hut.

After Porters chair was unwrapped he didn't care about anything else, so Alison ended up doing it for him. She didn't mind because she was feeling a little left out.

All hail King Porter!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peer Pressure

My sister-in-law Jennifer has been pressuring me and pressuring me to get my own blog up here. Well now I have to say that I have caved. Yes I feel heart sick about caving to peer pressure. I'm sure though if you had heard the phone calls from my loving sister Jennifer you would give in as well. Here's a sample of what went on during that fatal call.

Amber: Hello
Jennifer: Hey
Amber: Hi How are you?
Jennifer: Good. How Are you?
Amber: Doing all right.

After a few minutes of small talk exchanging story's of what Alison did to make Porter cry this time and what Taryn did in the potty. She would sink in the pressure like so.

Jennifer: So when are you going to get a blog?
Amber: I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment to the Internet yet.
Jennifer: Come on you know you want to.
Amber: No thank you. I'll just stick to my million of pictures on yahoo and my spam emails.
Jennifer: Blogging is so much fun. And its so much easier then spam emails.
Amber: But I know how to send spam email and how to post my pictures to yahoo its so simple.
Jennifer: But with blogging you can do all that and its user friendly to the two of us that still use dial up.
Amber: You should just get dsl and then we could both be happy.
Jennifer: Come on Amber you know your dream in life is to be exactly like me.
Amber: Well that may be true, but not with this blog thing it just doesn't seem right to me.
Jennifer: Would you just join the blog already. So that you and I can go back to just bragging about our kids and cussing our dogs.
Amber: We'll see
Jennifer: I'm not getting off the phone till you say you will put a blog up.
Amber: All right! All right! I give in you win I'll join.
Jennifer: Woohoo welcome to the dark side.
Amber: Well I guess I better go so that I can get this blog up and running. Talk to you later
Jennifer: I'll just keep calling and bugging you if you don't get it done.
Amber: I'm going! I'm going! Bye.
Jennifer: Bye.

All the things my parents toughed me about peer pressure and not giving into it went out the window with that phone call. I am weak! Mom and Dad please forgive me for the fall.

*Authors disclaimer
Some of this phone call was added for the reading pleasure of her readers and may not have ever happened. But hey they make a good story. And to quote Jim Johnson (my father-in-law) "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story."